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Icon1024The Surf Journal makes it easy to keep track of your time in the ocean: where you surf, when you surf, and who you surf with. With the Surf Journal, you can keep track of observed and measured conditions, attach photos to surf sessions, record comments, and more. But this app is not just a journal. Get access to current conditions from over 1,300 buoys and 3,000 tide stations worldwide. No monthly subscriptions, no extra charges, just data.

Most surf-related apps and websites rely on a preset database of places to surf. The Surf Journal allows you to take charge by letting you add your surf spots to a global map and name them whatever you want. But don’t worry, the data you enter in your journal never leaves your device. We take your privacy and your stoke seriously so your secret spot can stay exactly that.

Over time when the data you enter in your journal is tied to the buoy and tide data, the app will help you figure out what conditions work best for you and where. Want to know which of your surf breaks produce the cleanest waves with a 4′ swell from the NNW? No problem. The Surf Journal lets you filter your logged sessions by your rating and by swell direction so you can immediately see where you have the best chance of finding those reeling, glassy waves. Become the local expert in your surf community.

The Surf Journal will work with any iPhone/iPod touch running i0S 3.1 or later and features a native iPad version as well. The best experience can be achieved with iOS 4.0 or later.

What the App Offers

  • Makes it easy to record where you’ve surfed, what conditions were like, who you were with, photos, etc.
  • Automatically adds buoy and tide data to your session making it easy to look back at what produced those epic conditions
  • Buoy data for over 1,300 buoys worldwide
  • Filtering of your past surf sessions based on the data you’ve entered–swell direction, wave size, rating, etc.
  • Photo slide shows of your sessions
  • Easily see the current conditions for all the places you’ve surfed
  • Access to global tide data
  • Works with iOS 3.1 or later with native iPhone/iPod and iPad versions

Read through the tutorial to learn more


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